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IWAC Work Programme

IWAC Strategy and Work Plan 2010-2012 (proposal)

The document includes the proposal for a decision by the Meeting of the Parties regarding future activities of the International Water Assessment Center (IWAC), based on the Strategy for IWAC and its workplan for 2010-2012.

The Strategy outlines among other issues a general responsibility and organisational structure of IWAC, while the workplan specifies activities for the biennium and foreseen resources to support this work.

Download IWAC Strategy and Work Plan 2010 - 2012 (proposal) in PDF (61 KB) or Word (435 KB).

IWAC Workplan 2008-2009 

Download IWAC Work Plan 2008-2009 in PDF (35 KB). 


Workplan 2003-2006

The work plan for the period 2003-2006 focused on the following activities:

Support to the Helsinki Convention on the Protection and  Use of Transboundary Waters

As IWAC is rooted in the Water Convention, IWAC will support all Working Groups, which have been established under the Convention. In particular IWAC will focus on the Working Group on Monitoring and Assessment and its Pilot Programme. The Working Group on Water Management and the Working Group on Water and Health will receive special attention as well.

IWAC Seminars and Workshops

IWAC regularly organises international seminars/workshops related to Monitoring and Assessment of Transboundary Waters. In 2002, IWAC co-organised "EAST MEETS WEST" in Bratislava; an international workshop on Integrated River Basin Management (see events). In 2004 IWAC co-organised the conference Monitoring Tailor-Made IV . MTM IV dealt with information for integrated water management. The conference focused on an interdisciplinary approach in information with an overall global perspective where experiences from local and regional monitoring and assessment can be input for global assessments and vice versa.

Contributions to international water initiatives

IWAC contributes to the first World Water Development Report . This WWDR will be a periodic review, continuously updated, designed to give an authoritative picture of the state of the world's freshwater resources and our stewardship of them. It contains indicators and analysis that will identify, diagnose and assess. Launching of WWDR 1st edition took place at the occasion of 3rd World Water Forum in Kyoto, March 2003.

IWAC was also present at the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico, March 2006.

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